Monday, 30 January 2012

Spooky Hollow Road – Normandale, Ontario

Travelling down Spooky Hollow Road, you can see it’s been a mecca for legend-trippers.  Remnants of smashed pumpkins line the road, pop bottles sit against tree trunks, and an animal skull sits carefully placed at the trail gate. I can see why so many people come here to get spooked. A narrow and windy road where daunting trees appear around corners, a creaking boardwalk that leads to blair-witch type wood piles, and a creepy culvert with a dark opening that makes you wonder what’s beyond all contribute to the atmosphere.
One legend has it that Spooky Hollow is haunted by the ghosts of booze runners. Apparently in the 1920’s, booze runners would import alcohol from the States into the hamlet of Normandale. When needed, the runners would hide themselves and the alcohol in Spooky Hollow. One night, the police raided the site, killing all of the runners. The runners’ spirits now haunt the hollow as they walk up and down Spooky Hollow Road when the moon is full. See -
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Another legend has it that a peddler was passing through Spooky Hollow and asked a local to stay the night. His request was granted but he was never seen again. For days after, black soot was said to be seen coming from the local’s chimney. See -
I love urban legends, especially combined with a creepy atmosphere. Spooky Hollow fits the bill.
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Spooky Hollow Road intersects with the village of Normandale, Ontario.

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